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Our clubs have been enthusiastically embraced since the onset. We have used our 4 store buying power to bring you some of the best values available at all price levels. We use our connections with national importers to bring in some wines that are not normally available. 

We do keep your credit card on file in a secure token form. In order to join you will need to drop by the appropriate store. Credit cards for the club cannot be done over the phone.

Please call if you have any questions at all and thank you for your continued support

                      Club Deux 

2 wines a month

(our first and largest club)


For only $30 dollars a month, we will choose 2 bottles that we feel are particularly good values and have them ready at the the store for pickup (curbside if you prefer). We will include educational notes on the wine and maybe a recipe here and there. Do not join if you don’t like trying new wines. This will be a bottle of red and  a sparkling, white, or rosé. Tasting notes will go out of the first of the month, swing by and grab the wines anytime that month! 


      Club Saturday Night 

                   4 wines a month 

    (our 2nd and fastest growing)


4 mostly red wines for an average of $120 total per month

Over the last few years, many of us who could stayed home a little bit more and sharpened our cooking skills. This is like growing up in the 70’s where couples casually entertained and played cards while the kids all ran wild outside or in the basement. Well guess what. It was a lot of fun. 

So now that our lives have returned to at least a little more normal, we're starting a club to step up your weekend wine game to match your finely honed braising skills. 

We will choose a wine for each Saturday night of the month that you can pair with an appropriate meal. Once in awhile a sparkling or rosé will be included to go with some local grilled oysters or shrimp.

It will include wine bios to give you a little knowledge and a couple talking points to bore your friends. 

They will be ready the first Saturday of the month and not exceed $40 per bottle or less than $20. Our criteria will be 1. Really good wine, 2. Good value for it’s category 3. Something most people would enjoy (Not too esoteric)

Why not join and add a little zip to your weekend routine?


Club Mold

3 wines per quarter

(for the collector)

Average of $400 per quarter. This is brand new for the hard core wine collector with a wine cellar. 

We will limit it to about 30 members. 

These will be hard to get, classic or up and coming. The ratio will be about 70% red. 

There will be notes, rating, cellar time recommendations and any other pertinent information I can include.

There will be some special orders involved so we will email every 90 days when the wines are ready to pick up.

Join the Club

Fill out the form below to join one of our clubs! We'll get your CC info when you pick up your first wines. (Info is stored in our secure token format!) 

Welcome to the club! We'll be in touch soon.

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